• Free Demand - A single demand letter is sent to the debtor from our office, on our letterhead, demanding payment in full within a set period of time. This "final warning" shows third party intervention, shows you are serious about collecting the account and will also show the debtor's intentions on paying the account. Any payment made during this period is at no charge to our client.

  • Immediate Collection - The multiple resources of our agency and legal team are put into immediate action to leverage a quick and amicable collection resolution. Every claim receives prompt personal attention by management and staff to determine the most effective and efficient handling from account placement to final recovery.

  • Small Claims Department - We have established a staff of professionals, whose sole responsibility is collecting smaller balances. These claims require a very specific attention to detail and timing. This department makes these claims a priority for a fast and cost-effective resolution.

  • In-House Attorney and Full Legal Department and Staff - Our law office is an integral part of our collection process and is equipped to handle every type of delinquency issue from Demand through litigation. Our goal is to collect without legal action whenever possible; however our experience confirms that lawsuits are at times necessary. Our in-house law firm allows clients to utilize litigation as a timely and cost effective proven collection method.

  • Online Services - Creditors Adjustment Bureau optimizes convenience by offering you complete online access to your accounts and information. Through our interactive website, clients can view collection activity on current claims; place new claims and communicate with us about a potential claim or an existing one.

  • Audit Program - Designed for companies in transition and/or with large receivables. Diplomatic letters and personal contact is used to verify the actual outstanding balance in order to determine the most effective procedure to bring the receivables back in line.

  • Bankruptcy Asset Recovery Assistance - An aggressive program designed to assist reorganizing companies by increasing cash flow.

  • Skip Tracing & Asset Investigations - Our skip tracing and asset locating professionals will verify all proper addresses, legal trade-styles, confirm debtor’s legal make-up and possible alter-egos. Prior to requesting suit approval, we verify the debtor is in business and will likely have sufficient assets subject to the execution needed to obtain a judgment.

receivables outsourcing services offer a timely solution to the challenges of the present economic climate, when more than ever, cash is the lifeblood of business. Delivering value across the organization, receivables outsourcing provides a long-term solution to the problem of credit management by taking a comprehensive view of credit and related areas of business.

By using a systemic approach, Creditors Adjustment Bureau's receivables outsourcing services offer benefits in a variety of areas, including:

  • Providing an expert resource of personnel, credit policies, and recommendations
  • Improved cash flow
  • Promoting credit discipline and direct payment uptake
  • Relieving incoming contact burden on back office
  • Reducing administration, by dealing with issues like returned mail, and clearing the Account Receivable ledger of bankrupt or untraceable customers
  • Multilingual response to customer contacts
  • Reduction in Days Sales Outstanding equivalent to a savings in borrowing costs
  • Reduced debt recovery costs
  • Permits redeployment of staff, and frees up office space for core-business functions

Creditors Adjustment Bureau is committed to providing companies with a proactive approach to credit management, increased cash flow and the reduction of bad debt. We are pleased to offer seminars, training and workshops for businesses and organizations throughout the United States. With the use of technology, innovative motivational solutions and a collection strategy that provides real results, Creditors Adjustment Bureau has been successfully helping companies improve their invoice to cash position and increase profitability. These interactive educational programs will provide your team or organization with a dynamic advantage in today's critical economic climate.

  • Reduce DSO
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Develop Stronger Business Relationships
  • Increase Profitability
  • Communicate More Effectively with Customers
  • Reduce Bad Debt and Credit Risks
  • Reduce Collection and Legal Costs
  • Effective Collection Letters
  • Active Listening & Essential Negotiation Skills
  • Create an Effective Credit Policy
  • Techniques to Collect Past Due Invoices Quickly & Amicably
  • Reduce Charge-backs & Unauthorized Deductions
  • Bankruptcy & Fraud Issues
  • Doing Business in a Global Economy
  • Develop More Sales Opportunities
  • The Salesperson's Role in Credit & Collections
  • Understand the Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)… and if it's right for your Company

Seminars and workshops can be customized to fit the individual needs of your organization. For more information and to learn how to take advantage of these programs, please contact: Neal Gold - E-Mail: ngold@cabcollects.com or (818) 454-8374.